Promote With Us

Sweet9ja is here to promote artist to massive audience without any stress. We promote music, video and comedy.
Our main objective is to help artist grow, give them chance of getting a record deal also give them the chance of standing alone as an independent artist.
To contact us for you music promotion or get more information on how to promote,
Send us mail at
You can also call or chat us on WhatsApp: 08029997954

Below are the reasons you should promote with us.

  1. Unlimited hype
    We hype artist and their content whenever that submit any content to us. There is no limit for the hyping.
    We hype on Facebook, WhatsApp status, Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram. Imaging putting your song on a website without hyping it, how will your everyone know your music is live for downloading? The only way to let them know it is out is hyping.
    The greatest thing we do is that, if your music is already fading away in people’s hearing, we will hype it so that it come back to live.
  2. Audience
    Sweet9ja is getting more visitors from Home and abroad everyday, which means any artist that promote with us will get downloads from Nigeria and Abroad and the artist will have more fans from home and abroad too.
    We have visitors from several country and those visitors view every new post on our website.
    Promote your music to large audience today.
  3. Monthly Mixtape
    Once an artist submit a track to us, we will get your music included in the mixtape of the month that you submit your track to us.
    Getting your song in a mixtape also give you more fans and lover from all around.
  4. Affordable Price
    Sweet9ja promote artist at a price that will be convinient for the artist. Because we want to help you grow, that doesn’t mean which should give you a price that will make you run away from us and never come back.
    We make everything convinient for everyone that want to promote with us.

Promote with us today and see a lot of changes in your career.Remember a good music without a good promotion is a big nonsense. You need to promote your music to people and let them know who and what you really are. Show case yourself and talent to the world today.